Sushi Mentai | Careers
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Today, Sushi Mentai has many outlets in Malaysia, located in heartland areas where it is accessible to the majority.

In the name of popularising quality, yet affordable Japanese cuisine, Sushi Mentai will grow its number of outlets by three-fold by the end of the year – through collaborative alliances with strategic business partners who are aligned to the restaurant’s spirit of bringing authentic Japanese cuisine to all.

Career Opportunity


Restaurant Manager

Service Supervisor


Kitchen Helper

Waiter & Waitress

  • Employee Benefits

    • Attractive Salary + Allowances
    • Insurance, Leave, Medical Benefits
    • Career Development Continuous Learning
    • Annual increment
    • Staff Meal & lodging provided

  • Requirements

    • Applicant with/ without experience
    • Initiative with Positive Attitude
    • Willing to perform shift work
    • Able to work on Weekends and Public Holidays

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