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Outlet Contact Number

We do not disclose outlet contact number to public. For any further enquiry, kindly email your enquiries to


We practice First Come First Served system. We do not take any reservation.


Sushi Mentai franchise for any location is closed for application until further notice.

Halal Issue

Are Sushi Mentai Restaurants Halal certified by JAKIM?

We are not Halal certified restaurant.

We do not serve any dishes with pork or lard.

The poultry product we serve is Halal-certified.

Birthday Discount

We do not have any special discount or promotion for birthday.


Walk in interview at your preferred location is welcomed.

Alternatively, you can fill up the form below for us to contact you.

Welcome To Join Us


We do not provide any form of membership, discount or vouchers for all our outlets.

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